2013 Topps Series 1 – The Beginning

2013_baseball_blaster_boxSo I started collecting baseball cards again and I am starting with 2013 Topps Series 1.  So far I have bought 3 of the Blaster Boxes (pictured on the left), 8 Jumbo Packs and 2 regular packs.  I am currently 39 cards short of completing the base set with the two most expensive cards being #294 (Mike Trout/Andrian Beltre/Miguel Cabrera) and #305 (Shelby Miller RC).  To see a list of the current cards I need from the base set as well as from some of the insert sets – CLICK HERE.  I was able to pull out two Manufactured Commemorative Rookie Patches (both #RCP25 Yu Darvish) and one Manufactured Commemorative Patch (#CP3 Mike Trout).  Unfortunately one of the Yu Darvish’s has what appears a small cut across the back of the card. I also pulled a Chasing History Autograph (#CHA-GS Gary Sheffield) and a Chasing History Relic (#CHR-HP Hunter Pence).


Yu Darvish #RCP-25
(Sold on eBay)


Mike Trout #CP-3
(Currently on eBay)


Gary Sheffield #CHA-GS
(Going on eBay Soon)


Hunter Pence #CHR-HP
(Not Sure If It Is Going On eBay?)


Yu Darvish #RCP-25 (Back)

Damaged Yu Darvish Manufactured Rookie Card Patch 😦  (See white line in black section on the right side of card?)


Prince Fielder #28 (Base Set)

Overall, I am very excited about collecting again and it appears that I have gotten back into the hobby at a good time.  Most of the reviews of the current Topps set are very positive after many years of not so positive results.  I will be highlighting some of my favorite cards over the next couple of days from this set.

I love to read comments so if you have any please share them!


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