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I have designed and maintained a few websites the past few years and it seems every few months I get tired of the look and want to redesign them.  The same is happening here!  Uh-oh!  I came across a new (to me) blog yesterday, all the way to the backstop. . . and I love the use of the classic San Diego Padres colors.  I believe the colors are garish brown and gold.  The San Diego Padres throwback jerseys and old school logo are one of my favorites from the past but I might be in the minority.  Maybe it is just me and the blog creator, Marcus!  Check out the Cameron Maybin card for an example of the throwback jersey with the original logo underneath.



So what does this mean for my Back In The Card Game?  Maybe next time you visit you will see a new design and some new colors . . . maybe Black, Orange and Cream?  GO GIANTS!

  1. #1 by Marcus on April 27, 2013 - 10:53 pm

    Go for it! I’ve actually been getting the itch to change it up on my blog as well. My favorite cards from this year’s Topps set have been of Yonder Alonso and Carlos Quentin, who are sporting the brown pinstripes from the 80s. It’s a look that I wasn’t a big fan of as a kid, but I really like now. If I was a little more ambitious, I’d get it done, but it took me a while to get everything set up how I wanted it to (and I’m feeling kinda lazy), so I’m not in a rush to get it done.

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