Collecting The Set – 2013 Topps Opening Day (UPDATE)

Had to stop by Wal-Mart again this morning for some snacks for my daughters soccer game tonight.  I happened to go through the line near the baseball cards again!!!  They had one lonely jumbo pack of 2013 Topps Opening Day on the rack so I had to buy it . . . I am glad I did as I needed almost 50% (11 base set and 2 inserts) of the cards in the pack.  This brings my base set to 90% complete, only need 22 more.  I am still below 50% with most of the inserts still though.

Here are some of the highlights –


I did not need the Buster Posey (#1) for my base set so he can be added to my small but growing Posey collection.




WOW . . . three Mike Trout cards, base set (#27), Play Hard (#PH-3), and Superstar Celebrations (#SC-23) and I needed all three!


Look who else, Yu Darvish (#165) Topps All-Star Rookie to go along with the Trout Topps All-Star Rookie . . . SCORE!

I also added Ryan Braun (#8), Yovani Gallardo (#21), Adrian Gonzalez (#87), Andrew McCutchen (#102), A.J. Burnett (#128), Neftali Perez (#181), Kyle Seager (#196), R.A. Dickey (#213), and Kris Medlen (#216).

All in all I think it was a great pack to open at 7:00 AM and a start to a pretty good day!

You can view my 2013 Needs by CLICKING HERE.


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