300 Win Club – Milestone Collections

cy_youngHere is the next of my Milestone Collections – The 300 Win Club.  Currently there are 24 members of this exclusive club, the first member was Pud Galvin who got his 300th win on September 4, 1888.  The latest person to join the club was Randy Johnson who won his 300th game on June 4, 2009.  Although Johnson is more known as a Seattle Mariner or Arizona Diamondback he did get his 300th win in a San Francisco Giants uniform!

300 Win Club Members
Cy Young (511) – Pictured to the right.
Walter Johnson (417)
Christy Mathewson (373)
Grover Cleveland Alexander (373)
Pud Galvin (364)
Warren Spahn (363)
Kid Nichols (361)
Greg Maddux (355)
Roger Clemens (354)
Tim Keefe (342)
Steve Carlton (329)
John Clarkson (328)
Eddie Plank (326)
Don Sutton (324)
Nolan Ryan (324)
Phil Niekro (318)
Gaylord Perry (314)
Tom Seaver (311)
Charles Radbourn (309)
Mickey Welch (307)
Tom Glavine (305)
Randy Johnson (303)
Lefty Grove (300)
Early Wynn (300)

Looking through my collection I was able to find three of the eleven players who have Topps cards in the year they got their 300th win – Steve Carlton (1983), Tom Seaver (1985), Phil Niekro (1985).

Steve Carlton – 1983 Topps #70

Win #300: September 23, 1983
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Seasons: 1965-1988
Total Wins: 329

Tom Seaver – 1985 Topps #670

Win #300: August 4, 1985
Team: Chicago White Sox
Seasons: 1967-1986
Total Wins: 311

Phil Niekro – 1985 Topps #40

Win #300: October 6, 1985
Team: New York Yankees
Seasons: 1964-1987
Total Wins: 318

The search for the other 8 begins!  The 1961 Topps Warren Spahn is the most expensive card in this collection with a low and high price of $15.00 and $40.00.  The players who do not have cards include; Early Wynn (1963 – No Card), Lefty Grove (1941 – No Topps Set), Grover Cleveland (1924 – No Topps Set), Walter Johnson (1920 – No Topps Set), Eddie Plank (1915 – No Topps Set), Christy Mathewson (1912 – No Topps Set), Cy Young (1901 – No Topps Set), Kid Nichols (1900 – No Topps Set), John Clarkson (1892 – No Topps Set), Charles Radbourn (1891 – No Topps Set), Mickey Welch (1890 – No Topps Set), Tim Keefe (1890 – No Topps Set), Pud Galvin (1888 – No Topps Set).

Who is next to join the 300 Win Club?   Currently Andy Pettitte leads all active players with 249 wins but he is 41 years old and it appears he is running out of time.  Although Phil Niekro was under 200 wins at the time of his 40th birthday, he went on to win 121 games after he turned 40 and finished his career with 318.  CC Sabathia has 195 wins and is only 32 years old (turns 33 in July) and he currently averages approximately 15 wins per year.  If he can maintain that pace it would take another 7 years to reach the milestone which is more then in reach.


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