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Completed, Thanks to Trade!

I received a package in the mail Thursday from Tom at The Angels, In Order . . . with his assistance I was able to complete my 2013 Topps Series 1 base set.  Here is the card that had been eluding me –


A little about Henry from the back of his card –

“Henry was added to the 40-man roster following the 2011 season, when he batted over .300 for the fourth straight year.  He got off to a scorching start at Double-A Pensacola in ’12, raking .348 over 33 games to warrant a promotion to Louisville.  The switch-hitting Rodriguez would finish the year in a Reds uniform, primarily serving as pinch-hitter.”

In 2013, Henry has played in 18 games with 12 hits in 33 at bats (.364 average).

I want to also thank to Jeff (2×3 Heroes), Nick (Dime Boxes), Bryan (Golden Rainbow Cards), Roger (Sportscard Mask-a-Rade) and Douglas Fraser for their assistance in completing the base set.  I was overwhelmed with generosity and want to make sure I return the favor.  I am pretty sure I have sent Jeff, Bryan and Roger some cards . . . please correct me if I am wrong.  I am going through some old cards for you Nick, looking for some cards to add to your plethora of collections!  Tom yours is coming soon also so be on the look out.

Tom also included some inserts I needed.  SCORE!

Prince Fielder 1972 Topps Mini #TM-21

R.A. Dickey 1972 Topps Mini #TM-27

Curtis Granderson 1972 Topps Mini #TM-30

R.A. Dickey Calling Card #CC-9

From the back of the card – “Dickey’s signature knuckleball required plenty of physical practice, but a mental routine helps him unlock its true magic.  Just before he releases the ball, R.A. reminds himself to “surrender to the pitch” – a Zen-like acceptance of its unpredictability.”

Stan Musial Chasing History #CH-29

From the back of the card – “If Musial was going to overtake Babe Ruth as the all-time MLB leader in extra-base hits, he’d have to do it at the age of 42 in his 1963 swansong.  The suspense was brief.  His home run on May 8 was his 1,357th extra-sacks knock – a total he’d extend to 1,377.”

Adam Dunn Chasing History #CH-30

From the back of the card – “The 400-home run fraternity grew to 50 on August 18, 2012, when Dunn drove a 2-2 pitch from Tom Collins over the left-center wall in Kansas City.  He and Paul Konerko became the first teammates to reach that milestone in the same season.”

Alex Rodriguez Chasing History #CH-42

From the back of the card – “For Rodriguez to knock Barry Bonds off the throne as the all-time home run king, he will have to average 29 longballs per year through 2016 – his age-40 season.  That’s a total that Alex reached easily in 15 consecutive seasons from 1996-2010.”

Evan Longoria Chasing History Silver Foil #CH-12

From the back of the card – “Longoria is hot on the trail of the Tampa Bay career home run record, situated 33 short of Carlos Pena’s total of 163 as the 2013 season opens.  That’s exactly how many Evan hit in ’09.  He also needs a more formidable 135 to pass Carl Crawford in RBI.”


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Dime Box Delivery

I came home from work the other day to find a few packages in the mailbox.  One package contained a 2013 Topps Manufactured Commemorative Patch (#CP19) Will Clark I had won on eBay.  I bought three boxes of Topps Series 1 hoping to pull this card, ended up pulling a Mike Trout Commemorative Patch and (2) Yu Darvish Commemorative Rookie Patch so it was off to eBay to get it.  I paid $1.75 for the card plus $2.50 for shipping which I think is worth it!


The second one was from Nick at Dime Boxes — The Low-End Baseball Collector’s Journey.  Here are some of the cards he sent for my 2013 Topps Series 1 base set.


#85 Sean Doolittle


#136 Tyler Clippard

There were a few more he sent but from the time I had give him my missing cards list to receiving them in the mail I had acquired a few.  Hopefully I can pass on the doubles to another collector who needs them!  As of this writing I am just 5 cards short of the base set.

Now onto the other cards, a mixture of San Francisco Giants!  Of course I was hoping to find some Will Clarks, and Nick didn’t disappoint.

The Will Clark Project


1987 Sportsflics #95


1988 Donruss DK #21


1990 Topps All-Star #397


2012 Topps Archives #209

Although all the cards are great and much appreciated I want to highlight a few here.

Bobby Thomson – Golden Moments


2001 Topps Golden Moments #379

Baseball’s most celebrated comeback was capped by what may be the game’s most famous home run.  The Giants were 13 1/2 games behind the Dodgers on August 12, 1951, before going 39-8 down the stretch to finish in a tie.  Forced into a three-game playoff, the teams split the first two.  The Dodgers were up 4-1 in the ninth inning of Game 3 when the Giants rallied.  New York cut the lead by a run and had two men on when Thomson hit a home run to left field for the “shot heard ’round the world.”  (Information from back of card.)

Willie McCovey – 500 Home Runs

2012_topp_gold_standard_gs9_willie _mccovey

2012 Topps Gold Standard GS-9

Four years after Hank Aaron broke the career home run record at the same venue, McCovey arrived at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium in 1978 on teh brink of his own longball milestone.  He got it on the final day of June, in the opener of a four-game series.  Willie led off the second inning with the blast, becoming the 12th man to reach 500 rountrippers.  (Information from back of card.)

Since Willie McCovey became the 12th player to hit 500 home runs there have been 13 more players to join him – Reggie Jackson (September 17, 1984), Mike Schmidt (April 18, 1987), Eddie Murray (September 6, 1996), Mark McGwire (August 5, 1999), Barry Bonds (April 17, 2001), Sammy Sosa (April 4, 2003), Rafael Palmeiro (May 11, 2003), Ken Griffey Jr. (June 20, 2004), Frank Thomas (June 28, 2007), Alex Rodriguez (August 4, 2007), Jim Thome (September 16, 2007), Manny Ramirez (May 31, 2008), and Gary Sheffield (April 7, 2009).

There are a few players that will have a shot at 500 homeruns in the next few years if they can remain healthy and play – Albert Pujols (477/Age: 33), Jason Giambi (431/Age: 42), Paul Konerko (425/Age: 37), Adam Dunn (409/Age: 33), and David Ortiz (401/Age: 37).

Barry Zito Comes To San Francisco


2007 Topps Trading Places – TP10

After coming to the Giants in 2008 it seemed Barry Zito was never going to his performance levels his Oakland Athletics days, including a season where he went 23-5.  Up until 2012 he had not won more then 11 games in a Giant uniform and never finished with more wins then losses.  In 2012, Zito returned to form going 15-8 for the World Series Champions.  This season he has started strong once again, going 3-1 in 4 starts with a 3.42 ERA.

So there are a few highlights of the cards sent by Nick with some information and history to go along with them.  Thanks Nick!

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Look What Was In The Mailbox!

Received a package a few days ago from Jeff Wilk of with some of my missing 2013 Topps Series 1 set as well as a good sampling of various SF Giants cards for my collection.  This is my first package received from a fellow blogger so I was very excited to receive it!  Although all were great cards, here are some of the highlights for me –


1993 Bowman Will Clark

Tucked away towards the back of the stack was this 1993 Bowman Will Clark.  It will be a nice addition to the collection.


2004 Upper Deck Benito Santiago

Collected Santiago when I was younger when he was a Catcher with the San Diego Padres, where his best years were.  I can remember him on more then one occasion throwing out runners at second base without even getting up from the crouch.


1996 Fleer Update Smooth Leather – Matt Williams

Matt Williams spent 10 seasons with the San Francisco Giants where he hit 247 homeruns.  Great defensive third baseman too!


2003 Upper Deck Victory (Tier 3 Blue) J.T. Snow

Became a fan of J.T. Snow when he was a California Angel and bigger fan when he became a San Francisco Giant in 1996.  Plus you gotta like numbered cards right?


2010 Topps Buster Posey (RC)

I was shocked to find a Posey RC in the mix but very appreciative.  Since I am just getting back into collecting I need to work on my Buster Posey collection and this was a great start.


2012 Topps Archives Buster Posey

Another Buster Posey!  This is a very nice card design.  The 1980 Topps has always been on of my favorite designs of the past.

Some of the other players included were Giuseppe Chiaramonte (C), Rod Beck (P), Willie McGee (OF), Stan Javier (OF), Mark Portugal (P), Greg Litton (3B-2B), Jeff Leonard (OF), Aaron Rowand (OF), Jason Chmidt (P), Robby Thompson (2B), Shawn Estes (P), Livan Hernandez (P), San Francisco Giants Team Picture (2010 Topps Heritage), and Kenny Lofton (OF).

I can’t thank Jeff enough and am working on putting together some cards to send back!

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Collecting The Set – 2013 Topps Series 1

topps_logo_outline-redI was gonna wait until tomorrow to open all my goodies I received in the mail but decided I could open just one!  The package I decided to open was from Jeff Wilk of  Jeff emailed me last week in response to my new blog and offered to send some 2013 Topps Series 1 cards that were missing from my collection.  I will be looking through the 2013 Topps Heritage packs I have bought to see if there is anything he needs so I can repay him sooner then later!   Not only did he send a stack of missing cards for my set but also a stack of random San Francisco Giants to add to my collection.  A post about those cards will be coming this weekend.

There were two Chasing History inserts in the package.  I only have the regular Chasing History listed in my 2013 Needs section but will be adding the Chasing History Foils also and see if I can complete that set.  I wasn’t gonna collect these as a set but they have grown on me, I think because of the players that are included are many of the ones I grew up watching.


Frank Robinson – Chasing History #CH-21


George Brett – Chasing History Foil #CH-23

Here are the cards from the base set that were included –




















So my 2013 Topps Series 1 base set is now at 96.0% percent complete thanks to Jeff.  Tomorrow I will get into the bonus SF Giants he included!

See how it started – 2013 Topps Series 1 – The Beginning

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Finally Home!

Finally made it home after being stuck at work for an extra four days because of snow. A little bit about what I do . . . I am in the United States Air Force and am stationed at FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My job is in the Security Forces career field and every couple days we leave to stay out in the Missile Field to perform our duties. It doesn’t happen too often but every once in a while our 4 day tour in the field becomes longer because of weather like it did this week. It was even tougher when my wife called and said you have some packages waiting for you!


The large box has to be the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen my friends and I went in on together for a group break . . . . and it was!

I have read some good and not so good reviews of the set but but will have to decide for ourselves if it was worth it.  It was a small investment per person so I am not complaining (YET!)

The smaller goodies are a variety of Will Clarks I purchased via eBay to build back up my collection of my favorite player.  A little side note on that, I received a text from my mom a few days ago saying she found a binder of baseball cards in her closet full of a player named Will Clark and asked if I wanted them still?  Of course I do!  It just so happens most of the Clarks I just purchased are in that binder.  There is also an envelope from Jeff Wilks ( with some of my missing 2013 Topps Series 1 cards and it feels like a little extra is in there?  As much as I want to rip these open tonight I am thinking I am gonna call it a night and have some fun tomorrow, it has been a long day!  So see you then!


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